Fall of Cape of Good Hope

21 Jan 2014

To hold an umbrella, walking in the south of the wet streets

I don’t know, I do not know which one is the way backfinancial planning, just wandering at every intersection

This night, lamps and candles of a myriad families

This rainy night, I sleep

That night, a night of rain

Tonight the wind, you are so gentle!

You roar? You roarManaged Cloud?

Like you, I don’t love

This season, I miss home autumn

In my childhood, it will be positive and small partners to pursue in the rustling autumn wind is to seek the scattered, slowly lower leaves

Laughter with falling leaves gently landing, then in the dustfashion women clothing wholesale, quietly to sleep, next take root, green on the branches

The gentle sea breeze ah, you is not it, you are not my lovely hometown of autumn, the wind was cold, the wind was so beautiful

Now, in this land in the wind, it seems farther and farther, the more float higher

In the wind season, where is home, where is home?

The south just Inn, drift is home, borrow sit Bing Xin a paper boat, waiting for the water, to go to Cape of Good Hope to watch the last sunset




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